Concrete Products

Guerinoni & Son produce the products listed below:

Septic Tanks:

Guerinoni & Son are approved precast concrete septic tank manufactures with Department of Health WA *Approval Number F-AA-33735. All units are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1546.1:2008: On-Site domestic waste water treatment units.

  • Large Septic Tank: 1.72m diameter x 1.52m H, 1,550kg, 2,830ltr
  • Large Lids Heavy Duty: 130mm thick, 530kg
  • Small Septic Tank: 1.485m diameter x 1.52m H, 1,200kg, 1,990tls
  • Small Heavy Duty Lids: 130mm thick, 440kg

Box Culverts:

  • 310mm H x 1.2m W
  • 450mm H x 1.2m  W
  • 600mm H x 1.2m W
  • 900mm H x 1.2m W


  •  U Shaped Leach Drain Segment (1m in length 700p, 318kg),
  • Leach Drain Ends (35kg),
  • Grease Trap,
  • Paving Slabs (600 x 600 x 50mm 40kg),
  • Paving Slabs (800 x 400 x 40mm 40kg)
  • ½ Paving Slabs (600 x 300 x 50mm 20kg),
  • Large Step,
  • Small Step,
  • Kerbs (1.2 length x 220mm high x 130mm wide),
  • Corner Kerbs,
  • Garden Kerbs (910mm length x 150 x100mm),
  • Sprinkler Surrounds,
  • Headwalls,
  • Channel Stops Ends / Silt Traps,
  • Channel Stops (3ton 1m high x 1.5m wide x 3.6m long hole 70mm),
  • Concrete Box Culverts Comply with AS 1597.1 – 2010
  • Soak Well (1.3 diameter x 900mm high),
  • Heavy Duty Soak Well lid with grate.